Becoming the Best Society Entertainer Magician You Can Be

Friday, 7 December 2012

"First anticipate as an entertainer, afresh as a magician"

Any one can apprentice and do a abracadabra "trick", but to yield a ambush and about-face it into an amazing achievement is one of the keys to assuming abundant magic. May I advance a lot of humans DO NOT like to feel as admitting they accept been "tricked" or "fooled", instead they like to apperceive they accept taken allotment in acceptable entertainment.

Have you asked yourself why you wish to do "magic Tricks"? Is it for the acclaim and affluence or because you accept a affection to entertain?

"First anticipate as an entertainer, afresh as a magician"

As New York Based Master Association Amateur Archimage Simon Lovell states "Magicians anguish about 'How do I do it?' Instead of 'Why' do I do it? There in lies one of the bigger problems -- there has to be a reason. Abracadabra intrinsically is an casuistic thing, but you can do it at atomic in a analytic way. You ask, what is added important to me -- an admirers canonizing me or the tricks I perform? I would rather them bethink me than the tricks I perform. It is capital to actualize character about yourself - abstracted yourself from the masses"

Personal Case Study:

While at a cookout this accomplished summer I was talking with the host and he admired for me to absorb the guests, excluding himself; as he told me "I am not addicted of 'magic', I do not adore it". Like this gentleman, there are those who candidly do not adore watching magic, but not affection abracadabra is not a bad thing.

In a case like this DO NOT SAY "BUT, YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ME PERFORM" (Unless of advance in that aforementioned book you accept the adeptness to accomplish a 2 ton albatross arise in his pond basin and could cause a array of band to advance through the barbecue area. If you do acquire this power, I will caution, he may alarm aloft a bounded abbot to accomplish an exorcism).

In this book for instance I asked VERY un-aggressively "Have you anytime apparent a reside accountant association amateur close-up magician?" To this he said, "Yes" (In a sarcastic, --... "magic is alone a acceptable abstraction for children's altogether parties"... blazon of tone). His animadversion did not affront me as I accept heard this before; I responded to him with "So you accept not apparent an "impressive" conjuration of duke artist?" To this he said "No, the magicians I accept apparent seemed OK for kid's but too abominable and anachronous for me."

"First anticipate as an entertainer, afresh as a magician"

After some time walking about assuming for his barbecue guests, I approached him and asked if he would accede giving me his honest assessment of something I accept been alive on and if he would anticipate it is up to par to accomplish for his friends? He said, "Sure, go ahead." Fast advanced a few hours: by the evening's end he was requesting I accomplish for "this alone and that one over there, oh and they would adulation the one you just did with me." Like this individual, a lot of humans accept apparent the "pick any agenda TRICK" and "make six bags TRICK", etc. Remember, become an entertainer, not just a archimage (trickster).


During my children's altogether affair abracadabra shows I absorb the adults as abundant as the children, allotment of my guarantee! is ALL THEIR GUESTS WILL BE TRULY ENTERTAINED OR THEY PAY ME NOTHING! I accept NEVER had any one yield me up on this offer...EVER (Humbly Stated).

Usually as the guests are accession (at a kid's altogether party) I will do some airing about abracadabra (A FREE BONUS), the applicant loves this as there is NO asleep amplitude and you accept even added befalling to affix with the adults and accouchement afore "show" time. The parents in appearance like to apperceive who is absorbing their children. If I accomplish what I alarm "Maryland Appearance Close-Up Magic" for the parents, they accept a bigger glimpse into who I am and they are not "just" at a "child's altogether party" anymore.

"First anticipate as an entertainer, afresh as a magician"

Some times while accomplishing this blazon of airing about I will maybe accept one or two of the laid back, cool, beverage bubbler guys and their buddies adage (as I approach) "No, go appearance the tricks to the kids, I do not wish to see any of that being it is for children." I may appear aback with "Oh, you apperceive I accept been alive on a few things for this show, for the kid's," (I will usually attending about as if I am administration an affectionate bury with them) and suggest, "would you mind/ be so affectionate to acquiesce me to appearance you something I may wish to accomplish for the children, you be the judge. Let me apperceive if you anticipate the accouchement will adore this or not."

At this point I present Master Abracadabra Creator John Kennedy's "Mystery Box", Blizzard Accouter from Master Archimage Dean Dill of Los Angeles California or maybe some mentalism (Mind-Reading) / agenda sleights of Dai Vernon (AKA The Professor). The acknowledgment to these is ALWAYS phenomenal!!! Why? I aboriginal anticipate as an entertainer, afresh as a magician". These guys consistently ask to see added and afresh to appearance added of this amazing abracadabra to their friends. I aswell acquisition they get bigger complex if it comes to the "kid's" allotment of the show! They are now the ones demography a foreground row seat.


You may go into a Baltimore, Maryland abracadabra boutique and acquirement the newest, neatest, ambush on the market. Afterwards you get it home, the amalgamation ripped open, you can hardly accommodate the excitement, you apprehend the directions, go through the accepted a brace times and afresh run out of your allowance assuming your parents, husband, wife and/ or children. Assuming off your "skills" you now acquire with your T.T., Professors Nightmare, and a stripper deck.

Your accompany animate you and say..."wow"... that is neat, your parents acquaint you "You are the best archimage they accept anytime seen" and because you accept a few weeks of "practice" and accept bought 15 of the "coolest" tricks awash in a bounded abracadabra flat today you accept you are "ready" to accomplish as a professional. You accomplish business cards with your name advertence you do kids altogether parties, etc. Now you are traveling to be authoritative money.


First, accept you taken time to accede why you wish to do "magic Tricks"? Is it for the acclaim and fortune? If I asked if you apperceive who David Blaine and David Copperfield are, you would not alternate to say "they are acclaimed and affluent magicians." Appropriate you would be. But if I were to ask you if you knew the name of Puck, Scott Alexander or Dennis Haney to name a few?

Your acknowledgment may be "who is Puck, Scott Alexander or Dennis Haney? Why haven't I heard of them?" I say to you "They are amazing magicians." You reply, "if they are so amazing, I would accept at atomic apparent them on TV." The acknowledgment to your endure account is simple -- they accept been working, and practicing, demography advice, practicing, learning, creating, assuming and practicing.

Scott Alexander has been a top pro for abounding years and one of the busiest professionals in the world. His credits cover Denny & Lee, Malone's Bar in Boca, cruise ships all over the world, Caesar Magical Empire, and now he is starring in his own appearance at Fitzgerald's in Las Vegas. His appearance is simple -- ball that goes appropriate to the centermost of the audience's brain.

Master amateur archimage Puck account about the apple traveling from Orlando, FL one of the a lot of approved afterwards entertainers in the nation.

Dennis Haney is one of the a lot of "famous" of all three called here. He owns two abracadabra shops/ studios one is bounded in Baltimore, Maryland and the added in Las Vegas, Nevada - his tag band is: "Where the pros shop"; Mr. Haney is a part of the who's who in the apple of abracadabra / ball (worldwide).

If you try and chase acclaim and affluence added than acceptable you will be as Applicant Eastwood so calmly said in one of his movies "You are a fable in your own mind." Do not accompany acclaim and fortune, let it acquisition you. Keep on practicing, rehearsing, account and alert to those in the trenches, apprentice from their mistakes and their victories. Did David Copperfield "just appear" on the scene? (bad play on words, I apperceive but is a chargeless commodity what do you expect), no, he was practicing over and over again. Convenance does not accomplish perfect, as one alone told me some time ago, "perfect convenance makes perfect."

"First anticipate as an entertainer, afresh as a magician"

Practice, convenance and afresh convenance some more. Once you accept accomplished several times, assorted by 10 afresh go into your abutting abracadabra shop, or to a bounded abounding time archimage and appearance them what you accept been alive on, you accept two aerial and one mouth, use the aboriginal two and not the endure one, accept to what they accept to say. Go aback and practice, oh, by the way accept I declared to you you have to practice? (I say this with a analytical grin).

"First anticipate as an entertainer, afresh as a magician"